The sign said SLOW... or did it?
A dark forest road.
A heated argument.
A caution sign.



Starring Amber Gainey Meade and Rob Nagle

Produced by Elizabeth Kirkscey and Anna Siri

Written by Todd Carney and Anna Siri

Based on the short story by Brad Strickland

Directed by Wade Carney


The little film that could! Caution Sign keeps chugging along – full movie below!

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Caution Sign – Full Movie!

We are thrilled to present Caution Sign in its entirety. Thanks again to everyone who made this short film possible – we can’t say enough about how much your support and generosity has meant to us.


Caution Sign from Anna Siri on Vimeo.

Caution Sign wins an award! Best Screenwriting at the 2009 Dark Carnival Festival!


Caution Sign has been nominated for awards at the Dark Carnival Film Festival!

Best Short Film
Best Actor – Rob Nagle
Best Actress – Amber Gainey Meade
Best Editing – Greg Schwartz
Best Screenplay – Todd Carney & Anna Siri

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2009 Palm Springs ShortsFest


Caution Sign Screens at Monsterpalooza May 29th!

Caution Sign Screened at Monsterpalooza May 29th!


World Premiere at DC Independent Film Festival

“Caution Sign” is an Official Selection of the Washington DC Independent Film Festival! Our world premiere was Saturday, March 7, 2009

Go to: for more details.

Thanks to everyone who made it to the screening!

Caution Sign Trailer!

New and Improved!

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